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How to Load a Dumpster Efficiently

Even in disposing of your junk and trash, being organized is a big factor. Depending on the size you chose for your cleanup project, you may have enough space for everything or you may not, which could cost you more money and time. If you want to save more and load more in a dumpster, make sure to apply the steps listed below to effectively load a roll-off container.

Steps in Loading a Dumpster Properly

Loading a dumpster the right way allows you to maximize the space inside and also keep everybody involved in the project safe. Whether or not you are a first-time renter of a trash container, you may find these steps useful.

1. Break down big and bulky items. Breaking down things into the smallest state is necessary to save space. Usually, this must be done with foams, drywall, and other materials. The smaller they can be broken, the better and the easier they can be placed.

2. Flatten the boxes. Cardboards and boxes should be completely flat before loading them in the dumpster. This may take some of your time, but it’s surely worth it when you’re able to load more into your dumpster.

3. Bulk at the bottom. Put all the bulky items like old furniture, housing fixtures, and equipment at the bottom. This way, there will be no chance for these huge items to fall off the dumpster.

4. Fill the gaps. Once all the bulky items are placed well at the bottom, you can now start filling in the gaps. Make sure that you are filling the gaps the right way and not just doing it as fast as you can. When throwing away furniture, it is necessary to check if you’re also able to fill the empty area between its legs with the smaller items.

5. Balance the weight. Ensure that the weight inside the dumpster is equal so that there will be no chance for the container to shift while it is being loaded or transported. This step avoids any accidents for all people involved in the project.

6. Do not load trash too high. Maximizing the space in your dumpster doesn’t mean extending to the top. Instead, you must avoid putting junk or trash above the side walls of the dumpster because those loose items will fly out during transport. If this is left unchecked, accidents and injuries could happen, such as a car accident or hitting people nearby.

What Should Be Put in a Dumpster and What Should Not

What Should Be Put in a Dumpster and What Should Not

Being aware of the things that are allowed to go in the dumpster and those that are not also helps you better sort out your trash and remove those items that must not be included. For that, here are the lists of what you can and cannot put in your roll-off container.

What to Put Inside

What to Put Inside - Springfield, MA Dumpster Rental

· Alkaline batteries

· Construction and home improvement debris like cabinetry, bricks, tiles, flooring, siding, and bathroom fixtures

· Drained appliances

· Electronics

· Empty aerosol cans

· Household junk

· Wooden furniture

· Yard wastes

What Not to Put Inside

What Not to Put Inside - Springfield, MA Dumpster Rental

· Adhesives

· Asbestos

· Contaminated soils and absorbents

· Car batteries

· Paint cans and lacquers

· Medical infectious wastes

· Ink and resin

· Railroad ties

· Hot water tanks

Seeking Reliable Expert Assistance

Seeking Reliable Expert Assistance - Springfield, MA Dumpster Rental

Dumpster rental comes with the privilege of working with professionals. Springfield MA Dumpster Rental is a top-tier company that offers affordable services and solutions. We make it easier for homeowners and business owners to get rid of trash with our wide selection of dumpster sizes. Whenever you request a dumpster, get it delivered, and picked up, we are here to help!

Over the years, we’ve helped our clients safely dispose of waste with our residential dumpster rental, commercial dumpster rental, and junk removal. Save time, money, and energy by hiring us and letting us do the job for you. We offer 10-yard dumpster rentals, 20-yard dumpster rentals, specialty construction dumpster rentals, and also residential dumpsters.

When you want to make sure your trash is properly disposed of, Springfield MA Dumpster Rentals is the right team of professionals to hire. Call us at 413-216-6313 and get an estimate today!

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