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Westfield, also known as the “Whip City,” is a highly industrialized city in Hampden County. It began as a prosperous agricultural community and evolved into a thriving industrial town. According to the 2020 census, this dense suburban city has a total land area of 47 square miles and a population of approximately 41,449 individuals. The place was first founded in 1669 when Westfield was incorporated as an independent town.  It is well-known for its Town Hall, which is located on Broad Street and served as the city hall from 1920 to 1958. In 1939, Westfield became Massachusetts’ first city to elect a female mayor.

For 150 years, the settlers of this place devoted themselves entirely to agricultural pursuits considering its alluvial lands. Around the early nineteenth century, the town began to venture into industrial endeavors, producing bricks, whips, and cigars. Later, they were dubbed “Whip City” and became a prominent center of the buggy whip industry. In the late nineteenth century, other firms began to produce bicycles, paper products, machines, textile machinery, abrasives, wood products, and precision tools, marking the transition from agriculture to industrialization.

Westfield has facilities and recreational areas for residents and visitors to enjoy. Westfield has several parks and playgrounds. Arm Brook is a flood control location. It’s good for fishing, small boating, walking, and serves as a dog park. You can also visit Boardman Athletic Fields, Mary Noble, The Barbara Swords Park, and many more. You can find almost everything in this place despite it being a small city. It also offers a warm and cozy feel because of the numerous parks erected in this place.

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When your city is filled with thriving industrial businesses and housing developments, it is expected that major issues such as pollution and excessive trash will arise. If not handled properly, this can cause serious health problems. This is what Springfield MA Dumpster Rental’s waste management solutions are designed to combat. Our professional service providers are here to assist you in getting rid of all unwanted junk in your residential home or high-rise commercial building. With our experience and expertise in the waste removal industry, we can provide you with high-quality cleaning services at a lower cost and on your schedule.

Westfield MA Dumpster Rental
Westfield MA Springfield Dumpster Rental

We provide services that we believe will be extremely beneficial to the residents of Westfield. We offer residential dumpster rental specifically for homeowners who intend to clean their property prior to undertaking any household projects. We also offer commercial dumpster rental to help Westfield’s thriving businesses in reducing their ecological footprint by taking care of their trash and garbage. Not only that, but we also provide junk removal services to help you get rid of massive volumes of accumulated junk. This is especially important because removing junk and construction debris can be a dangerous task at times. If you have waste that cannot be disposed of using regular waste services, you can call to arrange for a special pick-up for better and safer waste disposal.

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