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How Dumpster Rental Works

If you are a first-time dumpster renter, you may quickly feel overwhelmed. After all, there are many things to consider to get the job done without encountering any setback or unforeseen costs. We got your back! Here is a dumpster guide from our team at Springfield MA Dumpster Rentals.

Disposing trash can be a daunting task for people without prior dumpster rental experience. You have to be aware of the size of the dumpster you need and the rental period beforehand. Moreover, you have to choose the best dumpster rental company to get the job done. Employing a good one helps you remove junk efficiently and provide you with quality dumpster rentals.

Read on to know more about the process of dumpster rentals.

How A Dumpster Rental Work

Generally, there are three steps to renting a dumpster. Here is a breakdown:

1. Schedule a Delivery

First call and get all your questions answered. A good dumpster rental company should answer all your concerns before you hire them. Upon determining the type of dumpster and the rental period, it is time to place your order with your preferred company. Let them know the date and time you want the dumpster delivered.

Give the dumpster rental companies instructions for specific requests. For example, if you want the dumpster dropped at a particular part of your property. Ask for recommendations from your dumpster company on the best placement of the dumpster to keep your property safe. Keep in mind that they get busy during warmer months too. So, book your schedule at least a day before your project.

2. Fill the Dumpster

Once you place your dumpster where you want it, load it with the junk you want to dispose of. Be aware of space at this stage. You want to be strategic so that you maximize the dumpster space. Know what you can and cannot put in the dumpster too. You will read more about it later.

3. Schedule a Pick-up

After filling the dumpster, arrange a pick-up time. And remember not to overload it. Also, make sure that the dumpster is easily accessed by the pick-up truck.

Schedule a Pick-up - Dumpster Rental Springfield MA

Different Types of Dumpsters

Temporary roll-off dumpsters are perfect for residential trash. You can lease them temporarily as well. Roll-off dumpsters have doors that swing on one side and rollers at the bottom, making you transport them easily.

Commercial dumpsters are what businesses use. Unlike roll-off dumpsters, you do not temporarily rent them. Instead, dumpster rental companies collect them regularly as scheduled by companies to manage waste. They usually carry two to eight cubic yards of junk.

Construction dumpsters are like the temporary roll-off ones but have more practical uses. You can use them for large cleanup jobs like attic cleaning. You may also utilize them for debris disposal like those from a home remodeling project. Construction dumpsters typically hold 10 to 40 cubic yards of debris.

Common Dumpster Sizes

How extensive is your project? Dumpster rental providers commonly measure dumpsters by the cubic yard. Homeowners typically use a 10-yard (L12’ x W8’ x H3.5’) for a cleanout plan. On the one hand, house remodeling or renovation arrangements work best with a 20-yard (L22’ x W8’ x H4’) dumpster. Building sites and commercial projects, on the other hand, benefit from a 30-yard (L22’ x W8’ x H6’) or 40-yard (L22’ x W8’ x H8’) dumpster.

What You Can Put in a Dumpster

You can put any waste in the dumpster, save for the hazardous ones. The most common junks are furniture, clothing, toys, yard debris, and construction materials like wood and concrete. Meanwhile, hazardous wastes include sprays, chemicals, and liquids. Avoid putting these in the dumpster rental because they are flammable and dangerous. There could also be extra costs for things such as mattresses and TV’s. Please check with your dumpster rental company if you are unsure if something can be put in a dumpster.

Rental Period

Dumpster rental companies often lease their dumpsters for a week, some two weeks. If you wish to extend, some will increase the rental price per extra day. Call your dumpster service provider in advance if you think you will need an extension.

Dumpster Rental Price

Rental cost mainly depends on the dumpster size and the rental period. However, other factors like debris type and weight affect the price too. According to Hometown Dumpster Rental, a company that finds dumpster companies for you at a cost, the average dumpster rental cost follows:

Dumpster SizeAverage Cost
10 yard~$305
20 yard~$370
30 yard~$440
40 yard~$490

Local average prices still vary

Do you have a cleaning project? Employ only the best dumpster rental company! Call us at Springfield MA Dumpster Rentals today to get your free quote.

We are looking forward to working with you!


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