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5 Tips for Christmas Tree Disposal

For many of us, Christmas is not complete without a Christmas tree. Most of us spend a lot of time and money preparing and decorating our trees. A tree provides a little bit of the outdoors in our home. Whether it’s real or fake, a beautiful green tree can bring holiday cheer when the temperatures drop, and the snow starts to fall.

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The number of homes that displayed a Christmas tree in 2021 reached 94 million. This indicates that the demand for artificial and live trees is strong for the 2022 season. Approximately 6.5 million households had both artificial and live trees in 2021. Since most Christmas trees come from farms, buying live ones can help reforestation efforts.

Because of this, properly disposing of Christmas trees is essential for our safety and the environment. Here are five ways to help you with your Christmas tree disposal:

1. Recycling:

There are options for recycling Christmas trees in many communities. Check with your local government to see if they have free or low-cost programs for recycling trees. Mulch made from chipped recycled trees is frequently used in playgrounds, gardens, and hiking trails.

Donating your old tree to an environmental organization that might have a unique use for it is another way to recycle it. Trees are accepted by some zoos and used by animals as treats or toys. Some wildlife organizations also recycle Christmas trees into winter habitats for animals. Recycled Christmas trees are used to stop erosion on riverbanks, dunes, or coastlines in some places.

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2. DIY:

Believe it or not, the tree still has a lot of uses after the holidays, and household recycling through Do-It-Yourself projects piques your creative juices. Consider one of these crafts:

DIY Christmas Tree Recycling Holyoke, MA - Springfield MA Dumpster Rentals

Home Decor. You can craft your Christmas tree before throwing it away if you have the resources. From the tree, you can make adorable coasters, place card holders, napkin rings, and wreaths.

Scents. You can get oils from the needles of your Christmas tree. Mix it with your favorite spices to make a fantastic potpourri. Viola, now you have a natural air freshener!

Garden Necessities. Turning your tree into pot risers for either indoor or outdoor plants is another DIY project idea. Or, take it to the next level and sculpt garden gnomes to use as garden decorations.

In addition to their usefulness and rustic uniqueness, these aesthetic crafts can also be given as gifts or sold at a reasonable price. When your imagination is at work, the possibilities are endless!

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3. Mulching and composting:

You can use your Christmas tree as soil nutrition if you have the space and a compost bin. Simply remove any ornaments or tinsel, cut the trunk and branches into small pieces, and place the pieces in your compost bin.

Mulch can also be made from your Christmas tree. It’s one of the best and most harmless ways of reusing it. Mulching the tree helps maintain a healthy garden. When used as mulch, pine needles retain moisture and provide protection from the elements. To make mulch from the tree needles remove the boughs and layer them on your garden beds.

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4. Back to nature:

One way to help nature reap the benefits of your Christmas tree is to give it back to Mother Nature. The tree becomes a fish reserve when submerged in a body of water. Algae and phytoplankton grow on it and serve as fish food. The tree can also become a new habitat for fish and promote propagation.

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Additionally, dead Christmas trees can be transported to a wooded area, where they can benefit birds and other animals. However, before giving the tree back to the wildlife, you should first check with your local authority on natural resources to see if it is okay to put your Christmas tree in a body of water close to you.

5. Curb Pickup:

Put your tree on the curb for pickup if you cannot locate a recycling program or lack the resources to compost or craft it. In the event that your entire tree isn’t accepted for curbside pickup, it might be taken as yard waste when put in the proper receptacle. Check with your local waste management provider to see if it can be accepted if it’s chopped up and placed in a yard waste bag or if additional treatment is required.

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For Christmas Tree Disposal in Springfield, MA, contact a dumpster rental company.

Springfield MA Dumpster Rentals - For Christmas Tree Disposal in Springfield, MA

If none of the aforementioned options work for you, call a dumpster rental company to ask if they can dispose of your Christmas tree. Christmas trees can typically be disposed of in an appropriate manner with the assistance of curbside recycling pickup. You can contact Springfield MA Dumpster Rentals from anywhere in Massachusetts, including Chicopee and Holyoke. Call us at 413-216-6313 today!

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